Local Partnership Assistance

If you want to set up a mainland company in the UAE, you cannot do without a Local Sponsor (Emirati Partner), who would own 51% of the business. The remaining 49% can be owned by you personally. Basically, the Local Sponsor does not have any involvement in the business activities except for helping in obtaining permits such as trade license, visas and other official paper work.

In some cases you can get professional services, the company may be registered with a professional license,you may own 100% of the shares, but a local partner must be present as a Service Agent. A Service Agent does not own any share in the company’s capital, but represents the company in different government establishments such as Ministry of labour, Department of Immigration, etc.

Finding a local partner can be tiresome and time-consuming, what is more important, it can be almost impossible to find a person that you can fully trust and rely on, that is why you can choose our local partner assistance service to get guarantees.

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